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Throughout my life I’ve had a difficult relationship with food; it’s never really been a healthy one and so I have always been overweight. I’ve always found a reason not to be active or not to change my eating habits but in January 2014 I made the best decision of my life, joining a Philippa Aldridge Fitness class. In the space of 7 short months I have managed to lose over 3 stone and feel fitter than ever.

Not only have there been big physical changes but with the social support of the group and one to one guidance from Philippa my emotional and mental health has improved massively. I think about food in such a different way now and I hate lazy days on the sofa; I’d rather be out walking or being active. I am more positive in every aspect of my life and because of this I sleep better, worry less and laugh more. I have low days as everyone does but I know when I am struggling I can get my emotional pick up from Philippa, combined with a session of aerobics and I’m back on track.

Philippa has so much knowledge and understanding when it comes to healthy eating and the way your body behaves when trying to lose weight, she is able to guide you through each stage of weight loss and keep you motivated! I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without her. She has helped me make positive changes to my life that will never be reversed. For the first time I can remember I am truly happy.

Inches lost in 7 months:
Waist – 7 inches
Bust – 5 inches
Widest part – 7.5 inches
Arms – 2.5 inches
Thigh – 4 inches
Knee – 2.5 inches

Rachael Hall, Cholsey.