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I first attended one of Philippa’s classes in October 2012. I was terrified but Philippa was discrete, welcoming and encouraging and with her support I have been able to lose 3st 12lb in 18 months.

I was diagnosed with brittle asthma aged 17 in 2005. Until a pioneering lung operation at the beginning of 2012, this was never under control and as a result I spent 6 years taking daily steroid tablets to try and stay out of hospital. I had always weighed 11 stone but with each hospital visit the numbers on the scales went up and up. I tried other exercise classes without success. Because of my asthma I was always left wheezing at the back and couldn't keep up which did nothing for my self-confidence. The turning point for me came when at the beginning of October 2012 I attended a different clinic within the hospital. They did my height and weight and entered them into the computer. The whole screen went red and the big bold words "overweight" flashed across it. I realised it was time to act.

Unlike other classes, Philippa very much encourages people to work at their own level which has been a godsend for me as I have learnt to accept what I can and can't do. The advice and companionship have also helped me along my journey. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Philippa and my friends at class. As a result of regular exercise, my lung function has improved and I have better control of my asthma.

In summary, I have my life back and feel like a "normal" 26 year old. Thank you Philippa :-)

Steph McCall, Wallingford.