Are you Pooh, Tigger or Eeyore? – Week beginning Monday 5th August 2019

 Winnie the Pooh

  • is a fun, loving, warm and friendly, chubby little bear. Although not the smartest of individuals, he has charm and charisma.
  • However Pooh has an uncontrollable obsession with his honey and how much he should eat at all times.
  • This shows Pooh has an eating disorder.
  • He is without doubt, an over-eater, obsessing over honey and living with the irrational fear that one day he may not have all the honey he needs.
  • Hopefully none of us are quite this obsessed with food – it’s on our minds a lot maybe but obsessed? NO!


  • is constantly gloomy.
  • He has low self esteem and little confidence in himself.
  • When he is praised he can’t accept that he has done something right and when he is criticised he blames it on life being terrible and not on his own actions.
  • We all of us have a bit of Eeyore in us. How often have we attributed responsibility for a weekend blowout to someone’s birthday or a bad week at work?
  • Usually the blame is light hearted. We know what we have done and can put it right.
  • Only when we find it hard to face up to the inevitable result of these misdemeanours do we begin to lose our way and become a bit like Eeyore.
  • Like Eeyore many of us are not very good at accepting praise and tend to shrug it off and become slightly embarrassed.


  • is an engaging character and some psychiatrists say he shows signs of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
  • Tigger is slightly out of control but his charms are obvious – he is incredibly happy and very energetic and has very high self esteem.
  • Tigger’s song clearly shows his self belief: “The wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things. The wonderful thing about tiggers is I am the only one!”
  • A person like Tigger dreams about successes but doesn’t beat himself up when they don’t happen every time. Tiggers just dust themselves off and start again.

Which one would be most likely to succeed with a long term weight loss and exercise programme?

  • Pooh? His obsession with food is too great. But he is proof you can be loved whatever size you are.
  • Eeyore? He always expects to fail and would constantly find reasons for not succeeding.
  • Tigger? He has the energy and self confidence and is game to try anything. He may well succeed.
  • If we become a bit more like Tiger and less like Eeyore we will raise our self esteem and confidence and in turn increase our chances of success. You’ll certainly have more fun being a bit more Tigger-ish!
  • Whenever you feel down think of Tigger’s song – feel wonderful about yourself and believe you will succeed.
  • We can and will all do it. We just need to change our mind set slightly and believe.