In The Can! – Week beginning Monday 10th June 2019

In the Can!

Healthy Eating doesn’t end with fresh food, time to put canned on the menu!

Many of us think canned food lacks flavour and nutrition, but this isn’t true. Canned foods are an easy way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake. Food is cooked in the can once it’s sealed which locks in the nutrients and gives a long shelf life without preservatives, better still, it’s cheap and convenient.

So let’s start with the all important 5-A-Day! What is a Portion..?

v3 heaped tablespoons of sweetcorn or peas or carrots or baked beans

v4 heaped tablespoons of green beans

v7 asparagus spears

v2 plum tomatoes

v3 heaped tablespoons cherries or fruit salad or mandarins

v6 apricot halves

v8 grapefruit segments

v2 peach halves (or 7 slices)

v2 pineapple rings (or 12 chunks)

v6 prunes

v20 raspberries

v5 rhubarb chunks

So next time your fruit bowl or vegetable rack looks a bit sad, have a search in the kitchen cupboard, who knows what you might have stashed in there!

Food in the 1950s – Week Beginning Monday 3rd June 2019

Food in the 1950s

A light hearted look at days gone by...

  • Pasta had not been invented
  • Curry was an unknown entity
  • Olive Oil was kept in the medicine cabinet
  • A takeaway was a maths problem
  • Bananas & oranges were for Christmas
  • All crisps were plain
  • Vegetables were – spuds, peas, carrots and cabbage, anything else was regarded as being suspicious
  • A Big Mac was something we wore when it rained
  • Leftovers went in the dog
  • Eating Raw fish was called poverty not Sushi
  • Garlic was used to fight vampires not to flavour bread
  • Water came out of the tap and anyone who suggested bottled water for £1 per bottle would have been a laughing stock
  • Food hygiene was all about washing your hands before meals
  • We brought milk and cream at the same time in the same bottle
  • Soup was a main meal
  • Salad cream was for dressing salads, nothing else was available to dress them with!
  • A ready meal came from the fish & chip shop
  • Frozen food was called ‘ice cream’
  • If we had eaten bacon lettuce and tomato on the same sandwich we would have been certified
  • Turkeys were definitely seasonal
  • The tea cosy was the most efficient energy saving device in the kitchen
  • Coffee was only drunk when you ran out of tea, it was called camp and came out of a bottle
  • Healthy food consisted of anything edible
  • The only thing NOT allowed on the table in the 50’s....ELBOWS!

We’ve never had it so good eh!

Stress Awareness – Week Beginning Monday 29th April 2019

  • April is National Stress Awareness Month so I just wanted to highlight the importance of dealing with your stress as it can impact on your weight loss.
  • Some people lose weight when they are stressed and some people put on weight when they are stressed; either way it is not good for your health.
  • When you are stressed the body releases the hormones adrenaline and cortisol.
  • Traditionally stress (and the release of these hormones) is related to legging it from a sabre-tooth tiger not because your child has just carved their name into your coffee table or because your 16 year old daughter has just announced she wants to be a dancer in Vegas.
  • Because of this your body has evolved to crave energy dense foods like chocolate or crisps at stressful times to help you RUN.
  • Now back when you had to leg it from the sabre tooth tiger you would have burnt off the calories but now when you’re telling Freddie to sit on the naughty step or explaining to your daughter that all that glitters isn’t gold in Vegas, you don’t burn as many calories.
  • By being aware of this it may help you to stop before you stuff yourself but it may also help you to understand WHY you are not losing weight.
  • Don’t stress yourself out further by getting upset that you’re not losing weight. Take a step back and take a deep breath. Keep exercising. Talk to your instructor.
  • If you are stressed remember these important stress reducing tips:
  1. Exercise reduces stress levels and burns calories at the same time.
  2. Connect with people – a problem shared is a problem halved.
  3. Have some “me time”. Set aside some well-deserved time for yourself.
  4. Avoid unhealthy habits like alcohol, smoking or caffeine.
  5. Look for the positives in life. Work out the things you’re grateful for and remind yourself of these regularly.
  • For more information on stress visit

Easter Survival – Week Beginning Monday 15th April 2019

 Not long until Easter, and we’re all looking forward to a long weekend and, of course, to traditional Easter foods … hot cross buns, roast lamb for dinner, and plenty of chocolate in between.

Have you found yourself thinking “I may as well give up the diet for a few days; after all, it’s only one weekend?”

Here are some tips about enjoying Easter without letting your health and fitness suffer:

  1. Don’t start Easter too early. It seems like the shops have been full of Easter goodies for months. Hot cross-buns are stacked everywhere, along with Simnel and chocolate cakes, and shelves upon shelves of chocolate eggs. People have brought boxes of chocolates or cakes into the office or when they visit you and you figure just having one or two won’t hurt – you know that’s fatal!
  2. Set a rule for yourself: no hot-cross buns before Good Friday and no chocolate eggs before Easter day. The wait will make the treats seem even more special and the first hot cross bun of the year is a great way to celebrate Good Friday and begin the long Easter weekend.
  3. Spend on quality rather than quantity. Most supermarkets have hot-cross buns on offer at the moment but do you really need twelve so-so buns for just you, or you and you partner? Instead of buying multipacks, by one or two really good buns.
  4. The same principle applies to chocolate. Rather than grabbing the small children’s eggs, have something gorgeous and a bit decadent. There are some amazing hand decorated eggs now available and even I have to eat something that beautiful slowly!
  5. Make the most of your bank holidays by doing something active. The four-day weekend is a great chance to be a bit more energetic than usual. A walk or cycle ride with your family helps everyone stay active, and if you have children, don’t just sit and watch at the adventure playground, swimming pool or ice-skating rink. Remember Saturday class will still be running even if there are no classes on Good Friday or Easter Monday.
  6. If you’re going away for the Easter weekend, have fun exploring somewhere new. Go everywhere you can on foot; you’ll no doubt come across some hidden gems that you’d not have noticed from a car.
  7. Get straight back into your usual routine.The biggest risk to your healthy eating is not the indulgences of the four-day weekend; it’s the opened chocolate eggs in the house, the leftovers from big family meals, and the inevitable return to work (and the unwanted Easter chocolates that colleagues keep trying to palm off on you). Try getting back to your healthy ways/normal way of eating from first thing Tuesday. Take a healthy packed lunch to work, fit in some exercise and plan something light and easily digested for dinner, to give your body a chance to recover from sugar-overload.

Why do you come to class? A little survey. – Week beginning Monday 8th April 2019

We need your help.

  • We need to raise the profile of certain classes and tell people about what we do.
  • In order to do this I have put together 4 questions which we would love for you to answer.
  • If you feel comfortable having your name (first name only or whole name or just initial) on our marketing then please put it at the top of your sheet.
  • The four questions are:

What is the problem/challenge that coming to Philippa Aldridge Fitness solves for you?

What reservations (if any) did you have before coming along to your first class?

What is it like to be part of Philippa Aldridge Fitness?

What’s the one best result you have got from coming to Philippa Aldridge Fitness?

  • We realise that for some of you it may have been a very long time ago when you first came to class so feel free to leave a question out if you so wish.
  • There is space to add anything else that you would like us to know.
  • Please take the slips home and bring them back next week or feel free to complete them at the end of class. Please return completed slips to your cashier or instructor.

We hope that this survey will give us some quotes we can use to market our classes and to spread the word further about what we do and how we help people.

Thank you in advance.

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