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In the BEFORE picture I was approx 16.5 stone but didn’t know exactly as I avoided the scales. I went to various clubs and managed to lose weight (no more than 2 stone) over a few years. I was yo-yoing up and down and didn’t really enjoy any of the clubs so never managed to stay for very long.

Then I found Philippa. You can see the amazing progress I’ve made in the AFTER picture where I weigh 12.5 stone. Although I still have more I want to lose I am much happier with myself and my weight and more confident.

But more than that I love the Philippa Aldridge Fitness club and that’s what made the difference for me. I enjoy the people, the exercise, the atmosphere and Philippa is just great. She is enthusiastic, encouraging, fabulous fun and the exercise is always different. That’s the reason I am still a member of the club after 5 years and am maintaining my weight loss this time, with no yo-yoing.

Sarah Blacow, Abingdon.